Whoa… We’re Halfway There (NaNo Progress Report: Day 15)

Yes, NaNoWriMo is halfway over, and yes, I have reached 25,000. And the experience has been enlightening in its own way, especially in the past week.

The key to NaNo is to write, no matter what. Since the goal is quantity, the approach is to simply write as many words as possible, regardless of how good they turn out. This is an easy strategy, in theory, but it’s a little more difficult in practice.

The big issue for me in the past week (and the past few years, but let’s stick with the issue at hand) has been motivation. Gathering the energy to write any words, never mind all the words I need to stay on track for the day. My anxiety has made that very difficult, largely due to a combination of the election (no, I’m not going to comment further on that) and Alex being away for Navy training. With much lingering anxiety and no guaranteed connection to my primary support system, writing has been hard, and I cant imagine I’m the only person who’s felt this way.

Now, I don’t have an easy solution. For now, I’ve been trying to push myself to write in small bursts at a time. I know I can’t sit and write for two hours or 1,700 words straight, so I don’t try. Instead, I get away from my desk and write a short scene (maybe 600 words or so) in my fancy notebook with my fancy pen, then go back to my laptop and type that up and add to it.

Setting smaller, more manageable goals helps to make overwhelming tasks seem a little more whelming. Also rewarding oneself for accomplishing these goals is equally important. Now, excuse me. I have have reward candy to eat.



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