Where is the love?

I wanted to take a moment to try and sort out some thoughts because the world makes less and less sense every day. Please bear with me as I try to make sense of everything racing through my mind.

There have been so many acts of violence in the news in the past few weeks that fear is becoming a natural state for many of us. I didn’t know any of the victims or perpetrators, nor do I live near where any of these events took place, so it’s easier for me to remove myself from the situation, yet at the same time it’s more difficult to come to terms with it all.

At least for me, it’s easy to become distracted by our own personal troubles, both in the real world and in fiction. But when you look at how terrifying the world has become, all of that seems so insignificant. I don’t have much to offer in terms of fixing this. I can’t even offer words sufficient to describe what’s going on.

What I can do is say that I love you. I’m an emotional, spiteful person that holds grudges, gets jealous and gets bitter over the tiniest, stupidest things. But at the end of the day, none of that matters. Whether I know you, have met you, read your work, or hated your work, it doesn’t matter. You are a human being, a wonderful, one-of-a kind individual with so much to offer the world, whether it be strength, innovation, or even simple words. Nobody deserves to be ripped out of the world, or to be silenced, or to be told that their words or choices or opinions don’t matter.

I grew up believing that I didn’t matter, and that if I wasn’t perfect then I didn’t deserve to share airspace with the rest of the world. I’d love to say that I overcame that thinking, but I still have lapses sometimes, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of people who believe we’re not good enough. Who will kill us for disagreeing or being different. We can’t allow this to continue.

My boss told me something the other day. She said that, in the wake of all this violence and terror, we can’t be so afraid that we stop being ourselves. That’s when the bad people, who want to silence us, win.

If I have any words to share, they are:

Love each other. We are all human, all unique in our own ways. We all have our strengths and flaws, our hopes and dreams, and we all deserve a chance. Don’t let anybody silence you.


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