Learning from Mistakes

I’ve always been a perfectionist, and something I’ve constantly struggled with is the feeling that I’m not allowed to make mistakes. Of course, this is the silliest thing in the world to think. We need to make mistakes in order to learn anything. I could get into some tragic backstory about it, but the point is that I’ve always felt this disconnect that has made me extremely hesitant to take risks.

Writing as an act isn’t exactly risky. Writing as a career, however, is. And facing a risk like that is incredibly difficult, for me as well as a lot of others. Luckily, there is a fantastic wealth of resources online to help beginners get started and hone their craft.

I’ve been following The Write Life on Twitter lately, and it is an excellent source of information on all kinds of writing and freelancing-related topics.

For people just starting out like myself, this article provides a great overview of things to keep in mind. It also shows how important it is to learn from your mistakes, since other people can learn from your mistakes as well.


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