Research and Obstacles

Between working full-time and rehearsing for various theater productions, progress on those writing goals has been progressing rather slowly. But progress is being made all the same.

Alex and I are diving into the research phase of our big long-term project, which meant a trip to the library was in order. All those fake research papers we were forced to write in high school and college weren’t for nothing. A quick Google search and a breeze through Wikipedia aren’t nearly enough to count as fully developed research. For our purposes, we need to become experts on our subject matter.

Can you guess what we’re working on?

I find this to be incredibly difficult, despite the fact that I love learning new things. I’ve never been diagnosed with a learning or attention disability, but I read very slowly and tend to get distracted as I read. This makes compiling effective research (and completing school writing assignments) nearly impossible for me. Alex, on the other hand, can read a 300+ page book in five hours.

I haven’t really found a way to navigate this yet, other than simply trying to put all my energy into focusing. I’m sure you can guess how well that works.

Does anyone else have a similar problem? If so, how do you deal with it?


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