Mind Mapping Your Way Out of Writer’s Block

Live to Write - Write to Live

Do you sometimes sit down to write and find that you have no idea what you want to say? You have a general topic and a vague direction, but you just can’t get your head around where to start or how to organize your thoughts. Your deadline – professional or self-imposed – is looming like an executioner, and you’re fingers are frozen in hover mode over the keyboard as the cursor blinks incessantly, taunting you.

Have no fear – help is here.

Mind whatting?
I discovered mind mapping three years ago when a west coast client turned me onto some mind mapping software that he used for creating site maps. Invented in the 1960’s by Tony Buzan, mind mapping is a note taking and brainstorming method that allows you to think visually. Its free form style encourages an uninhibited flow of thoughts while its visual nature allows you to…

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