Novel Writing… HELP!

Back in high school, before I was struck by the most crippling creative and motivational block of my life, I actually wrote two novels. They were awful, cliche, not very well thought-out and will never see the light of day again, but they were finished first drafts of novels. It has only just hit me how significant an accomplishment this is because I’m now faced with the inability to finish any of the writing projects I start, short or long.

I believe I can attribute this problem to a couple of things — one being a lack of confidence that only I can help myself overcome, the other being a lack of structure and organization to my writing process.

I’m one of those people who comes up with a new idea, gets really excited about it and raves on for a week, tops, about all the things I’m going to do to set this idea in motion, then I slam the breaks on my idea and it’s forever lost to the sarlacc pit of dead, slowly-digested fiction. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

Obviously, this doesn’t work for me and my writing goals, so I needed to take a new direction. That is where the site, Novel Writing Help, came in.

I was referred to this site as part of‘s creative writing pathway. It is a meticulous, comprehensive guide to everything you need to have in mind before, during, and after writing a novel. With plenty of articles on every facet of noveling, Novel Writing Help is an incredibly well-organized resource for fiction writers. While it is primarily geared toward writers who have never attempted creative writing before, I find it incredibly helpful and game-changing when it comes to keeping the writing process both fluid and organized.

I started the process of planning my novel one week ago, and miraculously, I’ve been able to stick with my routine so far. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep the momentum going on this project, and in a few months I may have some workable excerpts to post here, as well as a graduate school application manuscript.


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